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Dear Members and Friends

Our society, the KSFE, has been serving to advance the understanding and knowledge of food engineering since its foundation in 1996. Through very diverse activities including symposia, seminars, workshops over the past 20 years, the KSFE, at present, is well positioned as a leading association in the field of food engineering.

Recently, the world is fronting the era of the fourth industrial revolution. In order to meet newer global demands, our society is currently focusing on four major issues - smart food manufacturing, personalized food systems, health-functional foods, and food safety.

Also, our society is acting as a bridge between food industry and academia. For examples, academia is introducing new future technologies to food industry and food industry is giving academia feedback on the trends and demands of current consumers.

The KSFE is an open society for new comers. Welcome joining the KSFE for scholarly activity related to food engineering.

Thank you so much.

Prof. Yong-Jin Cho
President of Korean Society for Food Engineering