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The Korean Society for Food Engineering started with the inaugural meeting in Seoul Hoam Convention Center on 11/22/1996 with the propose of contributing the academical and industrial development in the field of Korean food industry by promoting and disseminating theories, technologies, and industrialization studies throughout food/life science (engineering) and industries.

The background of the Korean Society for Food Engineering is the development and industrialization of food/life science and technology. It ultimately aims to improve the dietary life through studies on extending the shelf-life, enhancing the nutritional value, capturing the customers’ preference, and providing functionality (e.g. convenience, disease prevention, etc.) of foods by physically, chemically or microbiologically treating food sources, in order to make useful use of agricultural, livestock and marine products.


Research field of the Korean Society for Food Engineering

▶ Food engineering: Process control, quantitative approach for food safety, plant design, mechanics, refrigerating engineering, and biotechnology

▶ Food processing: Food properties, food storage and distribution, food packaging, food hygienics, food chemistry, and food physical chemistry

▶ Food science: Food materials, applied microbiology, enzymology, nutritional chemistry, biochemistry, and food toxicology